Q: Why Is Most Of Your Food Vegan? I Am Not A Vegan, Why Should I Eat Your Food?

A: Because you are probably eating too much meat and dairy already. We do not want to give you more. You do not have to be a vegan to reduce your consumption of meat & dairy. People who eat large amounts of meat & dairy can get sick and be allergic to them and don’t even know it. We teach intuitive eating.

Intuitively you know what kinds of foods you need. Besides the basic factors like blood type, metabolism type and others, the foods you need change. Sometimes you will go through periods of eating vegan, sometimes vegetarian, and sometimes you won’t. This depends on too many factors to list here. This is what we will teach you so you can change your eating habits for life. Aren’t you curious how much better your life will be?

Q: What is Holistic Health?

A: It is the spirit, mind and body working in harmony to achieve balanced and meaningful health. Mind body and spirit concepts are thrown around a lot, but when we put our programs together, we mean it. We really address the important factors that will change your thinking, beliefs and your life.



Q: Why Do You Put So Much of a Focus on Holistic Health? Can’t I Just Take Some Multivitamins to Be Healthier?

A: Holistically is the way we naturally function. Distractions, not staying true to ourselves, people we are influenced by, and picking up behaviors that don’t work for us all take us away from this natural state. To get back to that, all the things you were programmed with must be addressed, and if any of them are left, you will never be truly free. Food is just one area we focus on initially because it is relatively easy for someone to change what they eat and feel better rather quickly. Every aspect of your life must be addressed for you to get the results you really want.