Welcome to Spirit Bar Organic Superfood Cafe

Spirit Bar is expanding its services to make sure you are in the best health of your life!

Of course, holistic health is really what everyone wants, and we have added so much more to make sure the mind, body and spirit all get equal attention.

For the body, we now have a full complement of vegan, raw vegan menu items, along with raw organic vegan and even sugar free desserts that will let you to indulge without guilt. We still have a full menu of smoothies, super-food smoothies and protein shakes, and for those of you who are into working out, we will create custom pre- and post- workout smoothies, to get the most of out your fitness routine.

We believe that it is as important what you put on your body, as it is what you put in your body, so we are carrying Essante, a full line of certified organic and certified toxic-free products for nutrition, but also beauty care products such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and even laundry soap.

For the mind and spirit, we now have a resident staff of holistic practitioners who will help with energetic blockages, that will truly provide fully balanced holistic health. Some of the modalities include Reiki, sound healing and meditation.

To celebrate our commitment to holistic health, and to show off all of our new products and services, we have launched an Alternative Happy Hour on Thursday evening, from 5-8 pm. It’s like a big healthy party, where you can listen to some great music, sample our wonderful healthy foods and drinks, meet vendors showing off their organic products from the local farmers markets, and experience mini-sessions from our holistic practitioners.